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5 Easy One v One Soccer Skills

In soccer, a commonly used skill or trick to beat a player 1v1 is dribbling. This involves using quick footwork and ball control to maneuver past the opponent and keep possession of the ball. Other tactics that can be used include:


A fake movement to mislead the opponent and create an opening. plant one foot beside the ball and swing the other foot around the ball, faking a pass or shot, before striking the ball with the opposite foot. It's important to practice the movement slowly at first and gradually increase speed and agility, and to keep your head up to maintain awareness of your surroundings.

Body Feint

A body feint is a deceiving move in soccer that involves a player faking a direction before quickly changing direction. To execute a body feint, the player should make a sudden movement in one direction before quickly shifting their weight and moving in the opposite direction. The movement should be sudden and explosive, with the player using their body to deceive the defender and create space for themselves.

Cut and Turn

The player dribbling the ball approaches the defender at an angle, then quickly chops the ball back in the opposite direction with the inside or outside of their foot while shifting their body weight to the new direction. The cut can be used to set up a shot or pass or to gain more space to attack.


A roulette is a move in soccer where the player spins their body around to evade a defender. To do a roulette, start by approaching the defender at an angle. As you get close, plant one foot and use the other foot to pivot your body around in a 360-degree spin. Finally, use your momentum to accelerate away from the defender with the ball.

Cruyff turn

The Cruyff Turn is a graceful and effective move in soccer that was popularized by legendary Dutch player Johan Cruyff. This skillful maneuver involves a deceptive change of direction and body position to outsmart an opponent and create space. Mastering the Cruyff Turn requires a combination of agility, coordination, and creativity, and can add a touch of artistry to any player's game.


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